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      09 May 2023, Volume 38 Issue 3

    J.Madhula Veronica, Dr.K Glory Vijayaselvi
    Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 2023, 38 (3): 1707-1719 . 


    In recent days, fake products have a big impact in product manufacturing industries. This affects the sales, profit and reputation of companies. Blockchain technology can be used for identification of real products and detect the fake ones. Blockchain technology is a distributed, decentralized digital ledger that keeps track of transactions stored in blocks that are linked together through chains. Blockchain technology is secure, as the data stored once in the chain is immutable and the blocks cannot be changed or hacked. Customers or consumers do not need to rely on third parties to certify the legitimacy and safety of a product with the help of blockchain technology. In this paper, Ethereum - Blockchain is used to add a QR (Quick Response) code to the products while manufacturing. This is to detect original product based on the QR code. This system uses QR codes that provides a robust technique to fight against the practice of counterfeiting the products. When a product's QR code is connected to Blockchain, counterfeit goods can be found using a QR code scanner. So, this system is used to store product details and generate unique QR code of that product. The product details along with its QR code are stored as blocks in the blockchain. It collects the unique code from the user and compares the code against the entries in the Blockchain. If the code matches, it gives the information of the product else it will give the notification to the customer that the product is fake. The proposed framework with Ethereum helps the developers to develop a decentralized application with higher security.


    Blockchain, Ethereum, QR Code, Fake Product, Smart Contracts

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