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      09 May 2023, Volume 38 Issue 3


    Cloud Computing is the novel system for sharing various resources through internet. Cloud technology is the supply of various services it includes storage, database, connectivity, software, analytics and intellectual service. This technology eliminates the capital expense of buying software and also hardware. Many cloud service providers present a large set of set of privacy policies and terms to the cloud users. Privacy means securing data from being used by others. Many organizations stored their information on the cloud. Health care organizations save their patient’s data on the cloud due to their reliability. These patients’s information is very sensitive. This research work uses GOWA algorithm to preserve the patient’s data safely. Stored data can be filtered by using 2D IIR filter. The data are transferred from one cloud to another while the data is protected by GOWA algorithm. This research work GOWA algorithm plays a major role for preserving the patient’s data in a secured manner in cloud environment. Analysis of the proposed GWOA algorithm using Hungarian dataset with 128 key size for the metrics, like utility and privacy.


    GOWA Algorithm, 2D IIR Filter, Privacy Preservation, Data Base, Hungarian dataset

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